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September 7, 2012
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It was finally here!

The special order hoodie you had found on the internet, it was so cute and you had enough money to buy it too! So you ordered it and it had finally arrived.

"It's so warm." You gushed as you put it on; the furry jacket was soft and pure white like snow and it was so soft too.

"(Y/N)! Time for school!" you mom called from down stairs.
You quickly got your book bag and headed past your mom, who saw you wearing your new hoodie.

"Oh Sweetie. Is that the hoodie you got in the mail?" You mom asked and you happily nodded your head as you ate (F/B).  You gave your mom a nod.

"I don't see what you like so much about it." she said, before you smiled and pulled the hood over your head happily.

"Oh! That's so cute." You showed her the hood that had a blushing Polar Bear face and ears sticking up the top.

"Yeah, but I have to go mom. Bye!" you said quickly as you finished your quick breakfast and pecked your mom on the cheek before you left to get to school. It was snowing and your new polar bear jacket nearly made you blend in and become invisible, but a pair of eyes was watching you.


You just arrived before the bell rang, taking your seat near the middle of the classroom. You got some looks from the other students as you still had your polar bear hood up.

"Kesese, what an unawesome Jacket. A polar bear? Kesese." one of the class trouble makers, a guy named Gilbert Beilschmidt , made fun of your new jacket but you didn't listen to him, not when someone had made him shut up.

"You have a problem with polar bears?" someone asked as they stood over the albino Prussian, who had a nice shiner forming on his left eye. Gilbert shook his head no before the person who hit him looked at you threw dark sunglasses.


School was over and you where reading a book your English teacher had wanted your class to read a few weeks ago, so not you had to finish the book before all of you had to do a report on it. You hadn't even opened the book so you had to burn threw it now.

If only you paid attention when something large tackled you from behind, knocking you out.


"Ugh?" you moaned, dazed and confused.

"Where am I?" you whisper unsurely to yourself, looking around, it looked like you were in a cave, laying down on something that looked like straw.

"It's about time. I was wondering how long you're going to sleep." a voice says, gruffly. You turn around to see the person from before, causing you to blush. The boy's curly blonde hair is tied in a ponytail and he's wearing a red jacket with a black shirt underneath that shows how well toned he is. Strapped to his back you notice a blood stained hockey stick.

"Why the fuck are you staring?" he asks. "It's starting to piss me off."

"S-s-sorry." You quickly apologize and gulp. "Um? You wouldn't happen to know where we are would you?"

The man chuckles, as he leans against the cave walls. "Kumajiro brought you here. I guess he thought you were a polar bear, so he kidnapped you." he says, quite casually. "So I followed, since I had nothing to do."

"What? But I'm a human. Why would he think that I'm a-" (Y/N) stopped talking as she realized the bear must have seen her hoodie.

"How can I g-get out of here?" you asked him, hoping he would be nice and tell you, only you heard the paw falls of a massive polar, with blood stains on his muzzle carrying in a big fish.  

"Oh it's quite easy." he replies, removing his sunglasses to reveal a pair of piercing blood red eyes. "Though if I tell you, I wouldn't get anything from it."

"W-what do you want?" You asked him scared of the full grown polar bear as he came closer to you. Dropping the fish in your lap.

A grin appears on the man's face, as he lifts up your chin, forcing you to look up at him. "You." he says, causing you to blush. "Agree to be my girlfriend, and I'll show you the way out. Refuse...well, let's say I can get Kuma to rip you to shreds." You notice him mentally picturing the large polar bear ripping you apart until you were nothing but blood and guts, making him chuckle darkly.

"So, what do you say? Be mine, or be Kumajiro's new chew toy."
You shiver in fear as the large bear licks you face, you scream

"Alright I'll be your girlfriend! Just get him to stop!" You yelled, scared of what the massive polar bear would do to you if you refused.

"Good." was his reply. "Kumajiro, leave her be." The polar bear looks at him, and you can hear a low rumble from him as he walks away from you, deciding to pay more attention to the fish he caught.

"Let's go." he says, grabbing you by the arm. You wince in pain as he pulls you up to your feet, as he leads you out of the cave. "I-I never got your name." you say to him.

"Matthew. My name's Matthew." he says, still pulling you.
For :iconthe-golden-sunrise:

Preview pick belongs to :iconask-matthewwilliams:
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Foxy-fox-Amber-Haze Feb 24, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
you should make a lemon :lemon: 
*looks at his hockey stick. grins* nice blood stained hockey stick. let me show you my blood stained mini frying pan *pulls out said blood stained mini frying pan. presses it very close to Matt's face* you don't scare me easily, maple leaf. but, you could've just asked me out *grins harmlessly at Matt*
frenchypants Feb 5, 2014  New member
Aww thiiswhyishouldgetapandajacket ;-; ok nevermind that would be a lot worse
Ayano-Otori Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Not to be mean or anything, but it's 'through' not threw. You made that mistake twice.

Supercute story! I love it.
I have never ever liked Canadians I wanted to rip my ears of if I herd one speak
But now
but the funny thing is is that I was born in canada but moved when I was one to
United states
RapidashLove Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
What? Most Canadians sound like Americans, except for people who know French as their first language. It's not like all Canadians have weird speech patterns or anything, either.
Ik but when they said eh it got annoying but now I love it ^__^
RapidashLove Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I would normally say something about not everyone saying "eh", and that it's really annoying how people think that, but if we were speaking, my first reaction would be "Eh? What?".
I iz bad stereotypical Canadian. :iconnotamusedplz:
japanxcanadaforever Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Can I pet the giant polar bear? I love bears! *reaches out hand to pet Kumajiro*
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