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November 8, 2012
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)

You where panting heavily, your arms and legs feeling like lead, your muscles screaming at you to stop running, but you can't stop.

"(Your name), you are the last one on the track." The gym teacher Mr. Braginski tells you, as if the absence of the other students wasn't enough of a clue.

"I KNOW THAT!" You yelled at your teacher, frustrated because you where still on your second lap and school was over. No, you just had the misfortune of having Mr. Braginski for your last class.

Or as one of your more colorful friends liked to call him, Vodka Bustard.

He was the scariest and the youngest teacher at your school, no one dared to get him angry or correct his bad habit of drinking Vodka on the job in front of impressionable young students. He had come to (Your School) from Russia, which would kind of explain the pink scarf always around his neck, even in scorching hot weather.

You didn't notice him give you one of his infamous, you'll pay for it later smiles, as you tried to run around the track two more times and he would let you out of this hellish nightmare, hopefully.

"Danm it! Why did Al get all the speed?" you muttered hatefully. One of your friends, Alfred F. Jones liked to pig out of Mc Donald's and junk food as much as you do, yet somehow he managed to finish the mile run first, way ahead of everyone else. Hell, even that Greek kid finished before you did, and he was asleep half the time!


"I need to work out more." You muttered to yourself, as you were alone in the girl's locker room, getting out of your smelly PE uniform. Looking around suspiciously you saw no one else was in the locker room.

"Perfect. There no one around to see." You smiled as you picked up your towel and your extra clothes, heading for the girls showers.

You took off your shirt, then your shorts until you where just in your (favorite color) underwear and bra. Looking at yourself in the full length mirror near the entrance to the showers you frowned. You weren't the most developed girl in the chest area, and you where kind of chunky in the middle. Not like all the other girls in your class, who were at least C cups, and were skinny form lack of eating or throwing up.

Your (hair color) wasn't all that great, as you just blushed it once every two days or so.
It made you feel ugly compared to all those girls so no way where you going to get naked with all of them around.

You turned the knobs on all the showers to warm up, the steam hiding you from anyone that might be looking, especially a certain Russian.


Ivan frowned as he saw all the steam; he knew (your name) was still here, he had seen her backpack lying on a bench in the girls' locker room. Why was he in the girl's locker room you might ask, well it was really simple.

He was going to teach (Your name) a lesson in physical fitness.

He removed his shirt shorts, before removing his precious scarf and tenderly setting it down on the bench. Before going into the showers in only his boxers the color of Russia's flag.

In the steam he could make out the form of his worst student (your name) since she had made him late for a dinner with his older sister, whom was visiting form Ukraine and just had enough time to have a short dinner with her brother. He felt the need to punish (Your name), personally.


(Your name) was unaware of your Russian teacher as you stood completely naked underneath one of the shower heads. You just enjoined the soothing warm water, making your muscles relax and untangle. Only when you felt large hands on your shoulders did you realize something was wrong.

"You have been a very bad student (Your name)." Ivan whispered in your ear. You froze in fear, not only was your MALE teacher right behind you, but you were completely naked and in the shower.

"M-Mr. B-braginski " you strutted horribly in fear as you became very cold in the warm showers.

"Нет(No), call me Ivan (Your name). It is what I want to hear from your mouth during your... special training." He said in a low, sexy tone that made you blush fire truck red. Then your mind registered what he had said before his hands moved from your shoulders to your breasts.

"Wha? Agh!" you cried out suddenly as his large hands enveloped your small breasts, your nipples in between his thumb and index finger as he lightly pinched them.

"M-Mr. B-br-aginski agh!" you cried out as he then started to lick and bite your neck.

"What did I tell you, (your name)? I only want to hear my first name come out of your pretty little mouth. You understand, Да(Yes)?" he asked as he bet down on a rather sensitive spot as he twisted your perk nipples.

"Y-yes,  Mr. AH! I mean Ivan." You quickly corrected yourself as one of Ivan's left your breast and ghosted over your skin down to your thy, where he stroked your inner thy.

Shivering at the touch your where scared for two reasons, one was because your teacher had his hands on you and he could possibly kill you, the second preseason was because you were a virgin.

"Да(Yes), that is good." You could feel the smirk on his lips on your skin, they were cold agents your burning skin.

You had no idea what to do as Ivan's hand on your thy creased your neither region, you took a step back from his hands but just ended up with his broad hard chest at your bare back. You could feel the vibrations in his chest as he chuckled, amused.

"Now, now my student, this is for your own good. After my regimen you will be much faster." He said as he forced you to turn around. You quickly tried to cover yourself but he kept your arms at your sides. You blushed as you slowly looked up from his unclothed and naked chest, his scarfless neck and to his adorable childish smiling face.

You would be lying if you said Mr. Bra-Ivan, didn't turn you on right now.

"Aren't you a пушистые (fluffy) one." He mused, as he poked your belly playfully, making you blush. You had no idea what he had said but the way he said it made you blush. Before you knew it, his lips where on yours, his eyes closed as your (Eye color) orbs were wide open in shock and embarrassment. He ran his tongue over you closed lips, silently telling you to open them, but you didn't as your where frozen in fear and shock.

So Ivan's right hand ghosted over your skin and to your butt, giving it a nice hard squeeze. This was enough to make you gasp and shiver, and giving him the chance for his tongue to take over your mouth as your tongue easily gave into his as they played together. You couldn't help but close your eyes and moan into the kiss, you could taste the vodka that he was so fond of on his tongue, giving you the feeling of being a little tipsy.

"AH!" you cried out in surprise, grabbing onto your teacher's shoulders as your legs became unsteady with the Russian's finger's entering your pussy suddenly. Your breath came out in pants as his two large fingers steadily pumped in and out of your virgin pussy.

"Hm? (Your name), you are a virgin?" Ivan asked, a bit surprised as he purred in your ear.

You only gave him a shy nod as he inserted a third finger into you, making your legs give out but Ivan's other hand wrapped around your waist and pressed you back agents the warm tiles of the shower room.

"I-ivan! Pl-please, s-stop." You pleaded, your mind in a drunk haze of pleasure, you where faintly aware of the water still coming down on the two of you. Trying to open your eyes, all you could see was the drop dead sexy, wet Russian, looking like he was going to eat you.

"A-AHH!" you panted out as your juices coated the Russian's fingers as he removed them from your throbbing sex, only to slowly lick them off as you watched him do so with a sexy smirk on his lips and lust in his lavender eyes.

Your heart was pounding agents your rib cage, and the burning, throbbing sensation between your legs made you miss the Russian's fingers inside of you. Letting out a soft whine, you tried to clench the sensation by rubbing your thigh's together but it was immediately stopped by Ivan as his free hand lifts up one of your legs up to his hips. Where could feel something, thick, long and hard press agents your stomach, you gulped, not wanting to see what it was.

"Enough with the warm up, let us begin your exercise. Да(Yes)?" Ivan smirked as he looked at you, leaning on the wall for support. He slid his free hand down his stomach, tucking his thumb inside his boxers before sliding them off and onto the floor, letting his hard member free.

You trembled as Ivan's large man hood pressed agents your stomach. Ivan leaned forward and lightly kissed your lips, you could feel the evil smile on his face before his member suddenly thrust into you.

Your eyes nearly popped out of your head as you let out a silent scream of pain and pleasure from being penetrated, and it was accompanied by the Russian's pleasured moan.
" Mmm. Столь жесткими <So tight>." He breathed out agents your forehead, where he placed a kiss into your wet (Hair color) hair.

You where at a loss for words, as you where quickly lost in the pain of pleasure when Ivan started moving inside of you then out only to pump right back into your tight pussy. Your mind was in a furry trying to process the new sensation, feeling Ivan's throbbing member inside your pussy.

"I-...van..." you moaned in pleasure as the pain resided, and your arms went around Ivan's frame where your nails dug into his back, making him moan as he felt them dig in a little too deeply.

"(Your Name)." he moaned your name, his Russian accent making you shiver in pleasure.

"Mm... m-more..." you panted as Ivan quickened his pace, the showers' water having turned cold, but with how hot your bodies were the cold water didn't bother you as the two of you continued to exercise.

"Ah! God!" you cried out as he hit particular spot that made you lose control of your body.

"That is it, Да(Yes)?" Ivan asked as he rammed into that spot again, getting the same reaction from you. His mouth covered your lips to drink in those moans of pleasure as his pace became more vigorous.

You could only feel, smell, taste and hear the Russian as he pond into you, and a strange sensation came from your lower belly, building up with every thrust, until it was reliced.
"AAHHH! IVAN!" You cried out as you had your first orgasm, and not long after you felt the Russian's seed shoot inside of you.

Your senses lost as you slowly came down from ecstasy, the first thing you could hear were the showers running, flowed by the soft chuckling of your teacher before he spoke his hot breath in your ear.

"We should do that again. You need much more training, (Your name). Да(Yes)?" came his voice as you looked in a daze into his smiling, purple orbs and gave him a small nod, making him smirk as he kissed your lips.

~~Extended Ending~~

"Very good, (Your name)." Ivan told you happily as he wrote down your time. It was much better than last time.

"All thanks to you, Ivan. Um-er, Mr. Braginski." You smiled at your teacher/lover, giving him a knowing look. You had a hard time calling him Mr. Braginski at school, but no one seemed to notice your little slip up.

"Ve~ (your name) you even beat Ludwig!" One of your Italian class mates praised you, as he had finished a little before you did. Looking behind you, there was said the blond German finishing up hi mile run after you.

"(Your name), you did very good out there. How do you train?" he asked you, a small blush on his cheeks. You didn't know how to tell him how you trained with Ivan, and that your training involved sex.

Not too far away Ivan smirked, watching you face redden as you tried to come up with something.
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