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August 11, 2012
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"Aww, aren't you just adorable." You cooed over one little kitten that seemed to have taken a liking to you. Holding him up to your chest the black and white cat rubbed his soft furry head against your chin as he purred happily.

"(Y/N)-chan, I aporogize for not having any snacks ready for your arriv-." You looked up at your Japanese boyfriend who stopped in the doorway of his kitchen, with a shocked and embarrassed look on his face.

"What's the matter Kiku-kun?" you asked him innocently, not aware that his cat, named Tama, was snuggling into your plump breasts that where only covered by the thin fabric of the (F/C)yukita that Kiku had given you for your birthday. It didn't help that Japaneko look like he was enjoying snuggling into your bosom, a place Kiku had not yet dared go when he was awake, you two barely held hands out in public and shared small pecks in privet, but nothing more.

"Kiku-kun?" you called his name worriedly and he seemed to snap out of it as he came over with the tray of snacks and tea for the two of you.

"It is nothing, (Y/N)-chan." he assured you but shot a look at his cat that was just enjoying the warmth between your mounds. You smiled kindly as him as you set Tama down, much to his displeasure it made your boyfriend relived that his cat was not longer in-between your bosoms.  

"Okay, what are we going to do for our 1 year anniversary?" you asked him, and he blushed cutely, making you giggle. You loved how his face got so red so easily, so fast. Just holding hands in public made him as red as a brick and he had only allowed that a few weeks ago, and even kissing him on the cheek when you two where alone was just allowed yesterday.

"My friend Hercures-san suggested that we come visit his home in Greece." Your boyfriend suggested and your eyes lit up with happiness.

"Yes! I hear Greece is absolutely beautiful this time a year." You happily agreed because for one thing, Greece was a beautiful country, and two, Hercules always has loads of cat around his house.

~~Meow~ Time Skip! X3~~

"Look at that ocean!" you happily proclaimed, looking out at the Mediterranean Sea in all its beautiful glory, the white sand beach, the lovely little houses not to mention...


"Aw, so cute!" you gushed as you picked up a a long haired black and white cat that had just walked up to you. It purred happily as you pet it, snuggling up to your chest only to fall asleep.

"(Y/N)-chan, prease be carefur. That cat can have freas." Kiku warned you but you didn't listen to him, after all, the little thing had a blue and white caller around his neck, so that meant he belonged to someone, and he was well taken care of because his fur was so soft and shiny.

Kiku shot the cat an envious look as it slept in (Y/N)-chan's arms contently pressed against your bosom.

"Kiku-kun? Kiku-kun!" you nearly yelled at him as he suddly snapped is eyes back you your face and not your lovely bosom covered by a (F/C) sundress.

"H-hai!?" he finally responded a pink blush on his pale cheeks as you pouted.

"Where does your friend, Hercules-san, live Kiku-kun?" you asked him as you still held the sleeping cat.

"This way, (Y/N)-chan." He pointed down a filmier street and lead the two of you to his friend's house and only stopping because of all the cats that, you wanted to pet.

~~Meow~ Time Skip! X3~~

"Here it is." Kiku said as you marveled at the beautiful Greek home, it looked like a mix of a typical Greek home with some of the characteristics of a Greek temple. Not to mention all the cats they lay lazily  about the front yard.

"Wow." Was all you could say, and the cat in your arms wakes up.


It yellowed out from your arms and the other cats woke up and started moving about and as soon as a large group of cats moved away, hey reviled a brunet Greek man having been sleeping under all of them.

Your eyes widen at the sight, as the cat wiggled in your arms, so you let him go as he leaped from your arms to run to the Greek. Kiku started to walk up to the man and you followed a little unsurely.

"Is that Hercules-san?" you asked Kiku, he had told you his friend was like a cat magnet but you didn't think it would be like this.

"Hai. Hercures-san." Kiku bet down, pulling his knees to his chest to get a closer look at the Greek, as the cat just lay on his belly.

"Hercures-san?"Kiku called the man's name again; you were a bit confused as to why the man was sleeping in the middle of the day...

under so many cats...

outside ...

"*Yawn* Ah? Hello Kiku, (Y/N). What brings your two to my home?" the Greek man greeted you lazily as he pets the cat on his stomach.

"It is (Y/N)-chan and I's one year anniversary. We thought visiting your country would be nice thing to do." Kiku said, but there was something in his voice that sounded a little sad. The Greek noticed this but didn't outwardly show he did.

"Ah, yes. It is very lovely this time a year. You are welcome to stay in my home." Hercules said as some cats surrounded him, meowing. Your eyes couldn't believe the number of all the cats, Kiku however was starting to dislike cats.  

~~Meow~ Time Skip! X3~~

"Hercures-san?" Kiku called out to his friend, who was once again, sleeping, but only now he was sleeping on the couch with the long haired cat with a blue and white ribbon around his neck, he was apparently Hercules' pet cat.

"Hm?" Hercules slightly woke and looked at his friend, whose face was pink, and not looking at the Greek man, but slightly glaring at his sleeping cat.
Now my second entry for :iconpurpleflowerribbons: contest. Let me know what you guys think of this so far. :meow:
Updated: i'm losing the desire to complet this story. Please comment! :(
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