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August 9, 2012
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You where waiting for your boyfriend of nearly a year, humming a soft tune as you waited.

Dressed in your (F/C) sundress and flip slops, your (H/C) hair in a cute stile your boyfriend liked on you. Even applied a little more make up to your face to enhance your natural beauty and make your (E/C) pop.

You were so happy, because it was today; your boyfriend was taking you to his house to meet his family. Apparently there was a family reunion going on and he wanted you to meet them.

"I hope they like me." you muttered to yourself worriedly.

"(Y/N)! Chica!" you heard your boy friend, Antonio Fernandez Carriedo yell.

You turned your head slightly to see him jog up to you happy, before he wrapped his arms around your waist and gave a quick kiss to your lips, all the while give you his bright smile.

"Holla, Antonio. Don't you look handsome?" You grinned as you looked at your handsome Spanish boyfriend. He was in a light green shirt that made his green eyes sparkle and tucked half way in to his black slacks, and nice dress shoes. His hair in its usual soft messy curls.

"Si! And you look so beautiful in that dress mi amore." He told you happy, making you giggle.

"Wait till chu meet mi famila! They will simply adore chu!" he proclaimed happy herding you away to his house. On the way you were feeling nervous, and your head swam with all the negative possibilities upon meeting his family.

"Um, Antonio." You meekly called out his name and he looked to you with that smile still on his face.

"Si? What is it (Y/N)?" he asked and you had a little trouble asking your boyfriend the question.

"What- what are your relatives like?" you managed to ask him and he blinked in confusion before smiling again.

"Oh! Mi family is very friendly! Well... except for my little cousin Austin, but he's just shy, same for my cousin Lovi~!" he happy told you, and you felt a little better.

Just as you reached the front gate of his house you saw a man that kinda looked like Antonio, only he was older, more rugged like he had been living in the woods, and certainly more muscular from what you can tell by the open golden yellow shirt he was half wearing.

A woman was with him, slowly removing his shirt. This made you blush like crazy and turn red like one of Antonio's tomatoes.

"Grandpa! (Y/N) is here!" he happy yelled, waving to the man.

"Wha! Antonio! No!" you hissed at him, really sometimes he could be so oblivious.

"Don't worry Chica, mi Grandpa will like you just fine." He told you smiling as he pressed you towards the man and woman, who looked just a few years older then you, to the man that was apparently your boyfriend's grandfather.

"Holla! Bella, you must-a be (Y/N), si?" he asked you, smiling.

'He doesn't look older then my Dad!'

"Um, yes sir. I am (Y/N). It's nice to finally meet you to Sir." you said shyly as you held out you hand but instead the man got up and hugged you, picking you up off the ground.

"No need to-a call me Sir, (Y/N). Call me Grandpa or even Grandpa Rome if you like." He said happily as he set you back on the ground, you couldn't help but blush a deeper red, if that was even possible.

"Oh-okay Grandpa R-rome?" you stuttered out unsurely, making the older man smile. It looked so much like your boyfriends there was no denying that they were related.

"Come on, (Y/N). You still have to meet, Feli, Lovi, and Austin!" Antonio cheerfully said as he lead you into his big beautiful house and into the kitchen where two guys, about 15 years old, they were almost identical except for the curls on their heads and the difference in their hair color. They were talking, well... one was whimpering and the other was cursing, in the kitchen over the stove.

"When the fuck are we gonna-a eat? I'm-a hungry!" the one with the foul mouth asked.

"Um? Hello?" you unsurely intruded and the two looked over at you.

"Ah! Is she the-a girl you have been telling us about Antonio?" the meeker one asked happy, coming over to you.

"Si, Feli! This is my girlfriend (Y/N)." Antonio happy introduced you to him.

"Hi. Nice to meet you." you waved to the two unsurely.

"Si bella! It is very nice to meet you-a too! I'm Feliciano Vargas! And this is my brother Lovino! We are-a Antonio's cousins from Italia!" Feliciano cheerfully informed you.

"Like I give a fuck if tomato bustard brings in a bella woman." Lovino said, huffing and turning away from you, but you saw he was blushing a little before he turned away.

"Now where is Austin? I want him to meet (Y/N)." Antonio asked, looking around for his other relative.

"Ve~?" Feli tiled his head in confusion, thinking.

"The little bustard is in the backyard. You should-a know that by now." Lovi complained, grumbling something you couldn't here and Feli's smile seemed to dim.

"Ah! Thanks Lovi!" Antonio thanked his cousins before leading you out into the backyard.

It was beautiful with nicely cut green grass, his tomato garden. It was very beautiful as the sun was starting to set over the grassy green hills beyond his backyard.  

"Austin!" Antonio called out, looking around for Austin.

"Antonio, what does he look like?" you asked him looking around with him as well until you saw a little boy who looked like he could a mini Antonio. Only he had darker skin and brown eyes behind some sliver rimmed glasses.

He blinked, confused as he looked at you.

"Austin?" you asked and Antonio had the little boy in his arms.

"Miho! There you are, I want you to meet mi amor!" Antonio happy showed you the little boy, he looked like he was only 5 years old, you could see the resemblance between the two in their hair but he looked more like Antonio's sister with his eyes and skin tone.

"Hi, Austin." You greeted the little boy friendly, but he just held on to Antonio shyly, moving away from you as if you were going to yell at him.

"Where's his mother?" you asked confused as to why the little boy would be outside by himself.

"Ah? Well... he's my sister's child." He told you unsurely. Your eyes widen in shock, you knew his sister was a bit... wild, but to have a child already!?

"Didn't she just turn 21? This kid's looks like he's 5!" you nearly yelled in shock, but then saw some tears well in the little boys eyes. Antonio frowned slightly.

"Si, but I... adopted him since she couldn't take care of him by herself." Your boyfriend mentioned as he looked down at Austin, sadly as the little boy whimpered slightly.

"Aw you poor thing." You reached out to pet his head but he quickly slapped your hand away angrily.

"Leave me alone bitch!" Austin yelled at you clutching to Antonio's neck, giving you an angery glare.

You gasped in shock at the language coming form his mouth.

"It seems he's been spending time with Lovi." Antonio said as he adjusted the little boy in his arms, a hurt look coming across his face. Before you three went inside, all the while Austin was clinging to your boyfriend and glaring at you over his shoulder.


"Antonio, why would Austin be outside?" you asked him worried as Feli was dotting on Austin as he ate spaghetti and whipping off the sauce that was on his face.

"Ah, that's because he really likes animals, especially Angel!" Antonio told you happily as he ate a churro.

"Angel? Who is that?" you asked, confused.

"Moo!" you jumped at the sudden sound and whirled around to see what had made it.

"Here she is." Antonio smiled happy as Angel, a black and white cow.

"MOO!" Angle cried out again and Antonio's eyes widen.

"She's giving birth! GRANDPA!" Antonio yelled panicked as he ran out of the kitchen for Grandpa Rome.

"VE! AGH! ANGLE IS GOING TO HAVE LITTLE BAMBINOS!" Feli yelled panicking as he ran around the kitchen. Lovi and Austin where calm and glaring at Feli before Lovi suck out his foot and tripped his brother.

"Shut up! You're upsetting Angel!" Austin yelled at the down Italian, you could swear you saw a proud smirk on Lovi's face.

Granbpa Rome followed by Antonio ran out of the house and went to the pregnant cow's side.
"Easy now Angel. Everything will be alright." Grandpa Rome soothed the mother cow, gently petting her.

"Austin, come here." Grandpa Rome motion for the little boy to come forth, he did and pet Angels head.

"Good, Keep her calm. Antonio, help me pull out her claves." He ordered him and Antonio gave a nod before he reached into the cow's-

"MOO!" Angle cried out as Austin tried to confer her. Lovi and Feli were behind you; both a little sick at seeing Antonio pull out a calf from inside it's mother, you had to admit it was grossing you out too.

~~FMB Time Skip~~

"You okay Chica?" you heard your boyfriend's voice asks you.

You opened your eyes with a slight grown and saw a worried Spaniard.

"Antonio? What happened?" you asked trying to get up only to feel a little weight on your stomach. Looking down you were surprised to see little Austin peacefully asleep on top of you. Then you noticed you were in Antonio's room laying in his bed.

"Oh (Y/N), you fainted when I pulled out the first little calf." He told you and smiled softly as he ruffled Austin's hair.

"Even miho here was worried about chu." He told you happily as you let the little boy sleep.

He was so cute when he was a sleep, and when he was wakening up, a little hand rubbing his eyes. He looked up at you worriedly.

"Are... you okay... lady?" he asked you unsurely, looking away and down shyly.

You smiled kindly and ruffled his slightly curly hair; he giggled and looked at you with big brown eyes, looking like a sad puppy. So you hugged him.

At first he was still but shortly after he hugged you back and even Antonio joined in on the hug.

"What do you think of her now miho?" your boyfriend asked Austin who gave a shy nod as he wrapped his arms around your neck and smiled happily. You saw Antonio's grin brighten which slightly confused you until he got on one need and held out a little velvet box.

"(Y/N) we have been date for nearly a year and chu have meet mi fimila, now I want to ask you if you want to join us." He asked. Opening the box and showing you a beautiful ring with a sparkling diamond surrounded by smaller (F/C) jewels.

Your eyes widen and jaw dropped in shock, you were speechless until you heard light whimpering come from Austin and felt him shake slightly. You rubbed his back gently and softly shushed him... after all, if you said yes; he would be your son too.

Antonio waited for you answer as you gave him a smile, some happy tears in your eyes.

"Yes, Antonio. I would love to join you!" you happily yelled and your boyfriend, now fiancé placed the ring on your finger. It fit like a glove on your finger.

"Mama?" Austin looked up pleadingly at you and you smiled at him before kissing his forehead.

"Si, miho?" you asked and he just buried his face into your neck happily, as Antonio kissed you.

"You've made us both very happy (Y/N)." he happily said as he ruffled Austin's hair.
Art trade with :iconmoniposa:

A cute SpainxReader Story. even put in thre Italies, Grandpa Rome and my OC Austin. X3
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